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Solana Monke Rejects
Vol 1

The first edition of Monkes to hit to the Solana blockchain sold out in under 15 minutes. A collection of 6000 individually rendered 3D Monkes which grant holders access to exclusive drops, projects, community, and more...

We started as a submission to be another project’s 3D artist. After being rejected by them, we felt that our monkes deserved to have their own place on the Blockchain.


Magic Eden

Past Collections

Solana Monke Rejects
Vol 1


February 2022 (Pre-Launch)

Building Up: The first step of Rejects is all about creating high quality 3D characters that each feel unique and full of life. To that end, we are taking our time to ensure all the Reject traits are incredibly polished. In the process, we are also building an active community that enjoys this level of quality–both in the art and the community itself. Thank you for your patience!

Vol. 1 Mint: 6000 Rejects will be released onto the Solana blockchain. We will grant an early access mint to users with the Star Monke role, as a reward for contributing to the community, followed by Whitelisted members. After the public launch, we will work toward getting Discord verification for holders, getting listed on the secondary market, and releasing rarity and analytics tools.

Q1-Q4 2022 (Multiple Releases)

Meatspace Integration: To bring your rejects to life, we will be releasing Reject-themed merch like stickers, clothes, and even keycaps. We will work with clothing designers to provide you with high quality threads that you can be proud to wear out, including embroidered hoodies and beanies.

As a 3D project, we are also perfect for integration into the meatspace through 3D-printable models. Some Rejects have "Vinyl" bodies which are perfect for 3D printing to display in your homes or workspace. Our creator is a big 3D printing nerd and will do all the developments in-house. He even has plans for Reject themed keycaps.
Once we have developed the 3D-printable models, we will also work with toymakers to get high end collectible vinyl figures of our favorite vinyl-bodied Rejects.

March/April 2022

Reject Token: After Mint we will work on launching our own SPL token. At first, the token will be distributed to our holders via a snapshot. After the initial distribution, we will launch a staking platform for our holders to continue earning our token.

Our token will have several uses including being used to purchase our merch, as well as mint future projects from our creator LemonScented and any other projects that launch through us.

Q2 2022

Metaverse Integration: To help Rejects transition into the growing web3 space, we plan to release models prepared for metaverse. After release, the models will need to be reconfigured and rigged. This includes polishing out the lower half of the monke body and preparing for animation. We want the quality of our models to match the quality of our NFTs so this will take some time.

We have reached out to some of the most popular metaverse applications and are hoping to collab with as many as we can to allow you to use your Rejects as avatars in all your favorite metaverse worlds.

Q2 2022 (continued)

Partner Launches 🚀: Our Devs are very passionate about coding in the web3 space! We will be working on building a system for launching projects closely tied to the Reject community and working closely with the artists and teams behind them to provide developer resources to help from generating their collection to website design and smart contract development. These launches will not be every few days but a more infrequent thing that we are involved in personally with members of our community.

The Rejects launchpad service will be coming in Q2 of this year with the team already hard at work. We plan to only launch projects that meet the same level of quality as our own. We hope to create a more positive space for artists and creators, to successfully (and safely) launch their projects.

Future Plans

Rejects is just the beginning! We hope that you journey with us as we explore the 3D art space, web3, and the metaverse. We want to take this journey with you for the long haul.

Holders of Rejects will be able to earn access to all future projects from our creator, LemonScented. He is constantly learning new things and improving his art style, so be prepared for more high-quality art for years to come. Stay tuned for new projects and collaborations from our team!


You have full ownership rights to any Rejects you own as long as you hold the corresponding NFT to said Reject. We maintain the rights to use any monke in promotional material or official marketing, merchandise, or other materials. Details will be released with our terms of use in the near future

The Team


Adam Cubiotti
Creator & Artist

I've worked in IT for the past 7 years and have been creating 3D art in Blender for about 4 years now. I recently quit my job to put all of my time and focus into Rejects. I'm very happy to share this experience with you all and plan to continue improving and creating art for the rest of my life.


Lead Dev

I have a BS in Computer Science, and 5+ years as a software engineer working in several different domains. I'm always happy to talk about code, this project specifically, gaming, cars, keyboards, or whatever else you are in to!


Community Manager

I'm enigmatic. I've been in the moderative space for Discord and reddit since Discord launched in 2015. For Rejects, I am in charge of Discord infrastructure (channels & integrations) as well as community-related issues.


Web Dev/Generalist Dev

I have a BA in Computer Science, and 4+ years as a professional software engineer working from embedded systems to web. I like snowboarding, typescript, and rock climbing!


Generative Dev

I have a BS in Biochemistry and an MS in Computational Biology. I work primarily in the healthcare space. I enjoy playing video games, going to the gym, and reading horror!

Grinch Baby

Community Manager/Moderator

I'm a big fan of mushroom masala and my huge dog named Winston. You can find him in 🐶︱post-pets-pls in our discord! I have been a huge supporter of Lemon before Monke Rejects and I can't wait for his creations to come to life.



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